Dr. Felice Jacka, PhD

Deakin University

I am driven by a desire to destroy the business model of the fast food industry.

Beginning with the seminal study published in the American Journal of Psychiatry in 2010 (>285 citations), I have been responsible for the development of a highly novel field of investigation establishing lifestyle behaviours, particularly diet, as important contributors to common mental disorders (CMDs). The results of the studies I have conducted have been highly influential, and I am widely recognized as international leader in this nascent but transformative field of nutritional psychiatry research.

I am now utilising this new knowledge to develop and implement effective, sustainable, population level prevention initiatives for mental disorders that build on the established and developing approaches to the noncommunicable disorders. My program also incorporates new and novel treatment approaches to these disorders utilising clinical behavioural interventions, and utilises the most contemporary research on knowledge transfer and exchange. I am working with some of the world’s leading researchers in psychiatry, immunology, microbiology, economic, medical, and population health research to develop this agenda. Importantly, I act as a ‘thought leader’ in driving this new field of endeavour, through my research and advocacy activities. These include heading national and international societies, organising meeting and conferences, giving plenary and keynote presentations and publishing invited commentaries and editorials in leading international scientific journals.

I am founder and President of the International Society for Nutritional Psychiatry Research (ISNPR), which represents approximately 200 researchers from many of the leading academic institutions across the globe. I am also President of the Alliance for Prevention of Mental Disorders (APMD), representing more than 200 senior mental health researchers from across Australia and informing policy in regards to mental and public health nationally. I provide expertise and leadership to many research groups in Australia and internationally and have initiated and developed collaborations in Europe, Canada, the UK, Ireland and Japan that have resulted in high quality publications, with new partnerships in Brazil and Korea in 2015.

Additional Reading

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