Impacts of Sanitizing Our World

Sanitization has obliterated many infectious diseases. But at what cost to our health? Chronic disorders – like depression, autism, allergies, asthma and autoimmune disease – are on the rise.

Is Autism a Gut Disease?

Dr. Emma Allen-Vercoe, PhD

Autism has been approached as a brain disease. But the “Robogut,” a simulated gut, is helping researchers better understand the microbiome, and ultimately autism, with the question – what if autism is a gut disease?

Duration: 20m14s

Diet, Depression and the Microbiome

Dr. Felice Jacka, PhD

How are diet, depression and the microbiome all connected? Will the future see dieticians as part of mental health treatment teams? Changes in diet can shape our microbiome, and ultimately our brains.

Duration: 19m37s

Findings on the Impact of Diet on Depression

Dr. Felice Jacka, PhD

Can a change in diet help major depressive disorder? A nutritional psychiatry researcher is leading studies to help answer this question and ultimately change the way that we approach mental health.

Duration: 23m12s

Exploring the Rise in Auto-Immune Diseases

Dr. Jayne Danska, PhD

Could the microbiome and microbe metabolites (small molecules produced by bacteria that are able to communicate with our cells) be an early predictor of type 1 diabetes? One researcher is exploring the relationship between genetics, the microbiome, the environment and type 1 diabetes.

Duration: 24m43s

Rising Rates of Asthma & Allergies in Children

Dr. Brett Finlay, PhD

The first 100 days of life are critical to a child’s microbiome. A blockbuster study examined why children who are given antibiotics in their first year of life have higher rates of asthma. This research identified four gut microbes that are necessary to prevent the development of asthma.

Duration: 10m41s