The New Path to Health

With all of the new discoveries about the microbiome being made, what can we expect in the future of medicine? What can we do now?

Invisible Microbial World of the Built Environment

Dr. Chris Lowry, PhD

There’s a large global trend in urbanization, and there are also large increases in inflammatory disorders. Coincidence? An emerging area of study is looking at how the microbiome of the built environment affects our health.

Duration: 14m58s

Diet, Farming & Lifestyle: Microbiome Impacts

Dr. Chris Lowry, PhD

A diverse microbiome is Important for overall health – but it’s becoming increasingly hard to cultivate a diverse microbiome due to modern farming practices. Learn helpful diet and lifestyle tips to introduce more diversity.

Duration: 10m40s

Brain-Gut-Microbiome Connection: Stress Impacts

Dr. Emeran Mayer, MD, PhD

Stress has been found to impact the gut microbiome. By making some lifestyle and dietary changes, it is possible to reduce stress – and its impact on the microbiome.

Duration: 21m01s

Gardening to Cultivate Your Microbiome

Anne Biklé, MLA

When a landscape architect set out to change the state of the soil in her garden, she ended up learning a lot more about microbes, how they communicate with our immune system, and our own cancer risk.

Duration: 16m01s

Our Connection to the Microbial World Around Us

Dr. Rob DeSalle, PhD

In the last five years, technology has allowed us to better understand the human microbiome – scientists have now identified and named 8,000 microbes and are learning more about their complex interactions each day.

Duration: 17m02s

Replenishing the Soil so It Replenishes Us

Dr. David R. Montgomery, PhD

Soil degradation is arguably the biggest, least recognized problem that humanity is facing today. Microbes are an important part of healthy soil. By nourishing the microbial life in soil, and cultivating the beneficial microbes that the plants naturally evolved with – soil can be made fertile again.

Duration: 23m45s

Communication System of the Gut-Brain Connection

Dr. Jane Foster, PhD

Research is moving quickly to discover more links between gut and brain disorders like autism, Parkinson’s disease, anxiety and depression – but there are also some challenges faced by researchers trying to unravel the mystery of the gut-brain relationship.

Duration: 11m15s

Ecological Farming & a Perspective on Organics

Dr. Sarah Hargreaves, PhD

An approach to farming called Ecological Farming studies the interactions between microbes and the soil. This approach to farming looks to maintain important ecosystems in food production and preserve the nutritional quality of the soil.

Duration: 25m36s

The Microbiome’s Potential for Diagnosis & Treatment

Dr. Curtis Huttenhower, PhD

By looking at microbes and disease – through data, researchers can better understand the microbes that are present or absent in various disease states, particularly autoimmune conditions.

Duration: 23m27s

Looking at Microbes Outside the Gut

Dr. Curtis Huttonhower, PhD

Can being in the right microbial state before treatment influence the outcome of the treatment? By using data to better understand the human microbiome, more effective diagnostic tools and therapies can be developed.

Duration: 09m57s

Future of Nutritional Psychiatry Research

Dr. Felice Jacka, PhD

Mental health issues are one of the largest drivers of global disability. Until we clean up the current food system – including marketing junk food to children – we will forever struggle with health and mental health issues.

Duration: 14m04s

The Role of Microbes in Aging

Dr. Brett Finlay, PhD

As we age, our microbes not only decrease in number, but also in overall diversity. This can contribute to inflammaging – the chronic, low grade inflammation that is epidemic in the later years of life.

Duration: 14m42s

Looking Ahead to the Future of Gastroenterology

Dr. Mark Silverberg, MD, PhD

What can we expect in the future for gastroenterology? How will our understanding of the microbiome influence this field of medicine? The microbes that make up our microbiome can have such far reaching effects throughout the entire body.

Duration: 7m34s

Exploring Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO)

Dr. Talia Zenlea, MD

Bloating is often a symptom of microbes growing in the wrong place. This condition is called small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO), and it can be challenging to diagnose and treat. Learn about the value of testing for this condition and considerations for treatment.

Duration: 7m58s

Fecal microbial transplant, a novel approach to treating C.difficile infection

Dr. Talia Zenlea, MD

C. difficile is an example of dysbiosis – and it also so happens to be an infection that can be treated by manipulating the microbiome. Learn about one of these successful manipulations – fecal microbial transplant (FMT), also known as “poop pills.”

Duration: 12m

The American Gut Project

Dr. Daniel McDonald, PhD

Founded in 2012, The American Gut Project is a crowd sourced and crowd funded project that it is considered “citizen science.” It allows anyone to participate, and all data collected is a part of public domain. At this time, The American Gut Project has received samples from individuals from 45 different countries. In this interview, you will learn about some of the major findings so far.

Duration: 20m13s